BERLIN 7.11.1970

Director: Gianni Paggi
Year: 1970
Time: 32 mins
Alexander Von Schlippenbach: piano, percussion, leader
Evan Parker: soprano & tenor saxophones
Peter Brötzmann: tenor, baritone saxophones, bassetthorn 
Kenny Wheeler: trumpet, flugelhorn
Derek Bailey: guitar
Manfred Schoof: trumpet, flugelhorn, bachtrumpet
Peter Kowald: tuba, bass
Gerd Dudek: soprano, tenor saxophones, flute 
Heinz Sauer: baritone, tenor & alto saxophones 
Paul Rutherford: trombone, tenor horn
Tomasz Stanko: trumpet 
Bernard Vitet: trumpet
Albert Mangelsdorff: trombone
Malcolm Griffith: trombone
Buschi Niebergall: bass, bass trombone
Paul Lovens: drums, percussion
Arjen Gorter: bass, electric bass
Han Bennink: drums, shell-horn, dhung, gachi
Eye of Sound: The mythical Unity spreading in an all-star team. Three pieces (Von Schlippenbach, Manfred Schoof, Peter Brötzmann) for the collective embodiment of sonic discipline and aural freedom.
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  2. Hello! Great idea. Looking forward to more of what you've started here. Unfortunately, I seem to be having trouble with the Globe Unity. Both times I've downloaded only avi.001 arrives on the desktop as a SEG 1 logo thingie, the other three are blank white. I don't have anything that will play an AVI on my Mac, so I loaded the four files into Visual Hub to convert to mp4 and got only the first six or seven minutes. Tried again to convert to mpeg and had the same problem...

  3. Hello, Mr. Reservatory I just tested the links and they are working fine. It seems that you need software to join the files. For Mac, use Split & Concat. PC users should use HJ Split. Just join the files and it will work fine. To play AVI files, or any other video format, I suggest VLC.
    Hope you'll enjoy the concert. Thanks for the kind words and thanks for the great music at the Psychic Hut.

  4. thanks, I have to give this a try
    Your blog has a very promising start!

  5. everyone should have vlc installed, whether on windows or mac, but especially on mac.

    much gratitude for this surprising share.

  6. ...also

    the unimaginatively named but excellent "the unarchiver" will join the files while unpacking, no other software needed.

    another great feature is that, unlike most unarchiving apps, it will open damaged archives when the damage is limited to individual files within the archive. for example, if an archive has one messed up track, at least you are able to unpack and listen to the rest.

    it has also solved other issues i've encountered.
    it's free.

  7. Split & Concat solved the problem. THANKS for the wonderful artifact! I'll be back...

  8. --- Thank you all for your support. Hope you'll enjoy the shares. If anyone has any video/film in the spirit of this blog, feel free to contact.

  9. fantastic show!!±!±!±