Director: Takeshi Murata
Year: 2006
Time: 11 mins
Music: Robert Beatty & Ellen Molle
Eye of Sound: Bound to annoy those who believe that modern art is nothing but a load of easy-to-do-you-can't-fool-me crap, Takeshi Murata's video works could be seen as the visual counterpart of the "glitch" slide in the music of the late 90s. Murata corrodes works by well-known directors, digitally corrupting their integrity and figurative nature to construct a mass of visual distortion in which the original material's screen action is sacrificed in the altar of plastic abstraction. In Silver, Murata drafts Mario Bava's gothic horror classic Mask of the Demon and submits it to his digital corrosion procedures so that we have nothing left but an ectoplasmic ghost of the film's heroin wandering through the dark pixel chambers of the haunted castle of computer corruption. Robert Beatty, known for his Three Legged Race and Hair Police projects, joins Ellen Molle to immerse the film in an bubbly electronic swamp charged with immersive drones, vapors and echoes, highlighting the screen's lysergic potential and drawing the viewer away from the original's horror intentions. There's nothing wrong with your screen, it's just a ghost in the machine.


  1. ILOVE this. Probably my favorite short so far (though I haven't watched all you've posted by any means). It reminds me of college in the mid '80s... "Silver" is a great name but I probably would have called it "blotter" ;^)

  2. Hi, Yotte!
    Blotter would indeed be a good name. I was planning to post more Murata films, but since you liked this so much, I'll post one as soon as this one disappears from the front page.


  3. wow, never seen any of his stuff in full or even better than youtube quality! def. need to browse through this blog some more...