Director: Egbert Mittelstadt
Year: 2002
Time: 4 mins
Music: Fatagaga, Genom (Satori Hype)
Eye of Sound: German filmmaker Egbert Mittelstadt's Unfolding explores the beauty of motion and the way it can be seen to break the boundaries of the space-time axis. July Snow performs simple movements against a dark background. Her body does not move from her original place but, as time unfolds, it is seen to be spectrally spread over the scenic space. Future and past movements slowly parade through the dancer's body, a body that incarnates a sharp definition of the present in contrast with the temporal blurs that surround it. A vapourous soundtrack, punctuating a hissy drone with unsteady low-frequency rhythm events, supports the dancer's slow motion through time. A simple idea delivered with technical accuracy and beautiful results.
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  1. Just beautiful! Thank you for all this great movies!