Camera: Cerith Wyn-Evans
Year: 1983
Time: 24 mins
Music: Peter Christopherson
Eye of Sound: To celebrate the news of Peter "Sleazy" Christopherson's demise yesterday, a recording of Coil's performance at the Air Gallery in London in 1983. Entitled A Slow Fade to Total Transparency (How To Destroy Angels), it features John Gosling, John Balance and Marc Almond, while Christopherson provides the sound input on tapes. Samples from Pasolini's Salò set the tone for Almond's reading of a bitter-violent text apparently addressed to an ex-lover and for Balance's and Gosling's disturbing ritual of self-mutilation. As an esoteric ritual performance, the procedures elude the understanding of the non-initiate, and, much like in TPY's First Transmissions act, we are only allowed to know that it is located at the intersection of pain, sacrifice, control, art and magic. If the abundance of blood, smear and dejects is reminiscent of Muehl and the Aktionist posse, the slow, pseudo-ritualized gestures of the performers lend it a different, possibly more deranging effect, and certainly carry a different signification for the artists and their followers.


  1. Great blog ! Respect !
    But here is no download links....

  2. I had placed the wrong link!...
    Problem solved. Enjoy.

  3. Still, wrong link: it takes me to download coil.ans.

  4. What a tribulated tribute.
    Correct link available.

  5. just discovered yr blog.many thanks fr your work and big greetings from patagonia

  6. Thanks for posting this but the download stopped at 332 mb. twice now after an hour and 45 minutes.

  7. 'to celebrate the news of Peters death" what ill use of vocabulary

    by the way, in the pic of John during the performance that you have on top, its Peter Christopherson with camera in background

  8. Hi there, Congrats for the blog, Very interesting and hard to find material in here!

    This one looks really good, but unfortunately I am unable to download It, I'v been trying for a few days and the download gets stuck at 344kb :S

    IS this just me or everybody is having problems with this?

    Thank's a lot for your material again and greetings from Argentina!

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