PIG (1998)

Director: Nico B.
Year: 1998
Time: 22 mins
Music: Rozz Williams
Eye of Sound: What initially looks like a bleaker tribute to the noir tradition soon proves to be a disturbing semi-gore flick that seems to breathe the air of a cathartic confessional reverie. Nico B., known mostly as the founder of vintage erotica label Cult Epics, joins efforts with Rozz Williams (of, er, Christian Death fame) to produce an intense and potentially traumatic tale of ritual murder, sadism and sexual violence that seems designed not so much to shock as to exorcise (or simply exercise, i.e. act out) the personal obsessions of the author(s) - perhaps rendering it all the more shocking. Mostly plotless, Pig documents the last hours in the relationship between a sexually complex murderer and his apparently willing and sexually complex victim. The camera obsessively focuses on the details of the progressive degradation that leads to murder, managing to suggest a shared erotic significance without any direct allusion to it. Im many ways, Pig seems to be out of its time: the connections between SM imagery, sexual violence and ritualized or mystic murder, associated with the film's arty black & white and Rozz's "industrial" noise soundtrack, would locate Pig somewhere in the European pathos of the 80s. Such anachronisms hardly hinder the movie's disturbing realism and its obvious approaches to snuff territory. And, in the end, it may not be so easy to point out who's actually the Pig here.

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