Director: Takeshi Murata
Year: 2007
Time: 5 mins
Music: Robert Beatty
Eye of Sound: Set against a hypnotic crescendo of looped layers of high-pitched electro-bliss that sounds like something Ikeda and Aube would produce over a calm breakfast meeting under a soft summer breeze, Pink Dot is a somewhat less abrasive approach to the Murata trade-mark digital corruption wash. Some critics will have a lot to say about the pulsating pink/blue dot that keeps assaulting the screen, associating it with "the eye of perception" or "the viewer's ego", but Murata's force and relative popularity lies in the simple and almost brute force of his distortion apparatus and the constant game of hide and seek between figuration and abstraction that his source materials are forced into. In Pink Dot, Murata invites none other than John Rambo to his glitch chamber, making his ruthless enemies draw first blood in the swampy and moisty miasma of a pixeled war theatre where explosions created by lysergic grenades go pink and the jungle becomes an ectoplasmic aquarium in which the quintessential Vietnam anti-hero is camouflaged by his own digital irreality. There are no friendly civilians.
Dedicated to Comrade Yotte


  1. Hole-y Smokes that's great stuff! Who knew that a pink dot was all I needed to enjoy a Rambo flick?
    Thanks (as always)

  2. this blog is so good.
    keep up the good work.....
    and please don't ever let this blog die.

  3. Yotte: I guess that's why they call it the legendary pink dot...

    Anonymous: Thanks for your kind words. This blog is like love: it is eternal while it lasts.

  4. your text is really hard to read
    great blog though

  5. Cutler & Ceja: Thanks for the feedback. I'll try to do something about the blog's layout as soon as I have some spare time. Cheers