Director: Phill Niblock
Year: 1966
Time: 17 mins
Music: Sun Ra & His Solar Arkestra
Eye of Sound: Multi-faceted artist Phil Niblock captures a brief moment of an interstellar communication by the Arkestra in their prime. Black turns white in a so-called negative post-process, while Niblock's camera focuses on microscopic details of hands, bodies and instruments. A brilliant tribute to the Sun King by another brilliant supra-planetary sovereign.


  1. Holy Crap! I watched this just two days ago and was thinking it would be perfect for your site! Whenever I play this, my eyes are glued to the screen - a great way to rorschach 17 minutes, don'tcha think?

  2. Thank you , really appreciated
    You may have already found this place

    there's some fantastic videos incl sun ra's space is the place, would partic recommend John Cage and Raashan Roland Kirk also the Ken Nordine

  3. hi

    i have the movie. i understand that the package has some extras with photos and the info. does your download has the extras or just the avi movie. maybe i downloaded from u without knowing from a rapidshare list. thanks anyway. hope u can confirm my question. i do know phil. i don't know sun. :-)

  4. @yotte: you are absolutely right. this could be described as a rorschach movie indeed. now, the question, of course, is: what did you see?

    @phil: yes, ubu is a great place, although a bit confusing to navigate on. in fact, I must always check it before I post something here so I won't make superfluous shares. by the way, I've known your blog for some time. great stuff there.

    @just duets: the file does not include the extras, which are just some photos and 4 poems...

    @all: thanks for the attention. hope you'll enjoy the next posts.

  5. @just duets:
    here is the info available -

    Track List:
    - Celestial Fantasy
    - Shadow World
    - Strange Strings

    Sun Ra
    Marshall Allen
    John Gilmore
    Danny Davis
    Pat Patrick
    Clifford Jarvis
    Robert Cummings
    Ronnie Boykins
    James Jacson
    Herbie Griffin
    Walter Miller
    Jimhmi Johnson
    Ahkbar (sic)

  6. thanks for the info. the way it is described on some sites sounds like a lot of extra material. the video indeed will do it. except for some moments with the orchestra i prefer Sun Ra as solo piano or with very small groups.

  7. Yotte has posted the bonus material @ our blog.
    Here's the post for those who are interested.

  8. any idea why there are two files - magicsun.avi.001 and magicsun.avi.002? and why the .002 file does not play? the .001 files seems to have the whole movie in it?

    I-) ihor

  9. @anonymous:
    please check the EYE HELP section on the main page.

  10. thanks for the tip on looking in the help section! not only will i soon be enjoying the joined parts, but i learned about some pretty neat apps, too!

    I-) ihor