LIVE IN PARIS 1.11.1984

Director: Frank Cassenti
Year: 1984
Time: 91 mins
Music: Art Ensemble of Chicago & Cecil Taylor
Eye of Sound: I think it was Matthew Shipp who once said that jazz is like a curse for black musicians. The Art Ensemble of Chicago would probably be one of the best examples of this. Throughout their long career, the Ensemble has explored uncharted sonic territories, creating a world of their own where contemporary sensibilities, tropical rains and otherworldly research joyfully share the same boat. No doubt, they have frequently invaded the ever-expanding jazz provinces but mostly as a stop on their way elsewhere. It could be argued, then, that except for these jazz interludes, the only thing that separates them from being considered as an experimental or contemporary ensemble is the color of their skins. But skin is thicker than water and the Ensemble is mostly thought of as a jazz outfit. This excellent concert in Paris will, I think, prove this point. There are jazz sections throughout the performance, but they rarely fail to crumble and are frequently guided by a desire to reach unsafer waters and explore possibilities in sonic abstraction. Cecil Taylor's intense performance unsettles this wide spectrum even more, turning the tables with his piano, vocal and percussion agitation. And maybe Taylor, in his incredible ability to switch codes and move from lyricism to broken rhythm and atonality in one second, is the Ensemble's best possible accomplice.


  1. Nice review. I think "ART ENSEMBLE" is a pretty good description of their genre...

  2. Hi Icastico. Glad to know that someone actually reads these intros.

    Enjoy the concert and see you around.

  3. Never seen this, should be very interesting Cecil and Art Ensemble...Thanks

  4. Really great concert. Thanks a lot for providing.
    Do you have an idea if the session is also available from somewhere as DVD or VIDEO to enjoy it on large screen and high end audio equipment?

  5. First file plays fine after download and remove of ".001" extension from file name but second file wasn´t playable. Did I make any mistake?
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  6. Endless thanks to you ! this wonderful post reminds me frank cassenti who produced unbelievable TV sessions on the soporific french tv ! I remember this one ! Thanks to you again !

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    i notice for some reason the audio on this file only comes from one channel