Director: Ross MacGibbon
Year: 2005
Time: 66 mins
Music: John Cage
Eye of Sound: The second part in a trilogy recently concluded with Wild Cursive, Cursive II is an entrancing and meditative exercise on elegance and austerity. Inspired by Chinese calligraphy, this acclaimed piece by choreographer Lin Hwai-min offers an hypnotic lexicon of gestures that seem to draw both from Tai-Chi and martial arts, driven by an unshakeable desire to reach some sort of ecstatic nothingness. Movement is both fluid and tense, delicate and vigorous, slow-paced but charged with vibrant energy; and the visual composition is stunning, rarely abandoning asymmetry but always focused on scenical harmony. The selection of Cage's music for such a piece might seem odd for those less familiarized with his repertoire and theoretical apparatus. But the choice of such ethereal, mediative pieces as Ryonaji, Five or Sixty-Eight is more than appropriate as the guiding light for the dancers' mesmerizing gestures as it seems to draw the viewer closer and closer to the unreachable stasis that both the choreographer and the composer want to achieve.


  1. Just marvelous. Thank you so much for this wonderful experience!!!!

  2. Glad you liked this, FL78. I can post some more contemporary dance in case you're interested.
    Thanks for the comments.

  3. I'd love that! In fact I have some contemporary dance videos that you may like. If you can just explain me the whole process...

  4. That would be fantastic, FL78. Just email me ( and we can talk about it.

  5. Thanks for this great share and for the excellent blog you have.
    I was just listening to Flukerson's interpretation of Rioanjy today when I discovered your blog. Maybe a chance operation...

    You can get the album with this link-


  6. Thanks, Anonymous.
    Actually, I had downloaded that album from that same blog some time ago. But thanks anyway.
    And, yes, it must have been a blatant case of synchronicity...

  7. Oh, what a lovely blog. Now, here's a stab in the dark: do you have a copy of Cloud Gate's "Wild Cursive" ? If so please let me know (twitter: @spareye)