CURRENT SHOT 01 (2007)

Director: Stefan Kushima & Philippe Gerlach
Year: 2007
Time: 15 mins
Music: Stefan Kushima & Phillipe Gerlach
Eye of Sound: A description of this piece by Austrian duo Kushima & Gerlach must either be a complete spoiler or float through words in such an oblique manner as to render it unintelligible for anyone who hasn't seen the film. Better take the first one, or both. Beautiful drone music hums in the air; a solid, rich hum, slowly evolving into something which is none other than itself. The picture should be read in the same way. Five people, against the sun, on an empty street. Nothing seems to move. But, though our weak cognitive apparatus hasn't warned us, something has indeed moved: at least the shadows have. Slowly we understand that the silhouettes are not motionless; there is motion, plenty of it, but barely perceptible except for the shadow that betrays a body's existence under the sun. And the faces we can't see are slowly turning towards us. As Alexandra Seibel pointed out, all movement is here an a posteriori recognition; just like you are said to ignore that you were happy till you turn sour, motion can be only apprehended once it's gone. But it's not really gone, and it is this constant rift between object and cognition, past and present, that makes Current Shot 01 a thrilling experience to be repeated frequently.

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