FUGUE (1998)

Director: Georges Schwizgebel
Year: 1998
Time: 7 mins
Michèle Bokanowski - Composition
Gerard Frémy - Piano
Olivier Bokanowski - Piano
Virginie Simonean - Harp
Eye of Sound: The hand that draws the hand that draws the hand. Schwizgebel, creator of some of the most beautiful films in the history of animation, explores possibilities of recursive time and space in this structurally astonishing work. Worlds inside worlds, mirrors reflecting mirrors, windows into windows: dimensions are nested in one another, juxtaposed, merged, creating a cognitive vertigo that challenges our every day mundane categories. Similarly, Bokanowski's music revolves around loops, repeated piano and harp phrases that progress into one another, sometimes concealing its own inner movement. The art of the fugue, Hofstadter said, consists in crossing from one tonal level into the other by means of a twist - a "strange loop". Both musically and visually, like an audiovisual Moebius strip, Fugue builds upon such strange loops: we are constantly moving into other levels of reality though we seem to be running in circles.


  1. This must be one of the most beautiful films I ever seen. I decided I'm gonna get a dvd collextion by Schwizgebel! Thanks again!!

  2. Great!! It's actually very important to support these artists, so I'm glad that this small sample was important in your decision.