Director: Frans Zwartjes
Year: 1973
Time: 17 mins
Rudolf Zwartjes
Michel Waisvisz
Frans Zwartjes
Eye of Sound: The eerie electroacoustic soundtrack might suggest an old-school sci-fi film in which characters are lost wandering in an unknown planet. That's pretty much it, but the final frontier is not space but a house. The main character wanders through the floors of a never-ending, Escherean house, afraid of everything, as if trapped in a different dimension. Other characters feel evidently more at home, indulging in normal activities like eroticism and peeing, but our main character seems to fear them as much as he would fear a green slimy alien. As usual in Zwartjes' films, narrative is gone. What we have instead is a claustrophobic, dark and frightening incursion into the nightmare of domesticity.

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