Director: Janie Geiser
Year: 1999
Time: 11 mins
Music: Tom Recchion
Eye of Sound: Dedicated to Lewis Klahr, this gorgeous animation tells the story of a man who's been abandoned by a woman and sets out on a romantic trip through the world to find her. Recchion's music initially adheres to this bright tone, building his trade-mark echoed loops in a soft, lush, almost tropical manner. Geiser's brilliant animation combines stop-motion with collage and creative use of light to enact the man's covering of temporal and physical distance in his quest: clocks, rules, maps, numbers and stamps pile up while we watch his search. At some point, however, the light fades. Recchion's music becomes darker, slower, grimmer. The man's quest has failed and the woman is nowhere to be found. He now faces a gloomy reality where bodies and gazes are cold, mechanic reminders of lost illusions, and where decayed affections strip motion and clocks of their vitality, leading to a complete halt. A masterpiece.

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