Directors: Marty St. James & Anne Wilson
Year: 1984
Time: 6 mins
Music: Marty St. James & Anne Wilson
Eye of Sound: The 80s were a special decade. It was a time of immense creativity, discovery and true futurism; a time when the use of electronic devices for artistic purposes was no longer a privilege of academics or millionaires; a time when many of today's barriers between genres didn't exist; and a time when pop music could actually have something to say. True Life Romance is a humorous take on tropical love affairs. It tells the story of an irresistible attraction between a man and a woman who perfectly fulfill their gender roles: his beauty is worthy of Greek standards, and her modesty unblemished. Crossing boundaries between video-art and video-clip, it resorts to the cheesiest pop synths and camera effects of the decade, managing to look both like a product of its time and a later, ironic reflection on the 80s.

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