23 ZOOMS (2004)

Director: Gregory Büttner
Year: 2004
Time: 64 mins
Music: Gregory Büttner
Eye of Sound: German sound/video artist Gregory Büttner collected amateur photos of people he never met and composed a disturbing incursion into their lives and privacy. These 23 photos are visually scrutinized, through his subjective movement zooms, like in a selective autopsy of lost life episodes. Each of these peeps into the private life of normal citizens - housewives, householders, children - contains a soundscape of its own, sparse and intangible electronic music paintings through which Büttner interprets and reconstructs, much like a historian, moments he never lived. Memory foregone, humanity regained: 23 zooms in which we can't but project our own experience, for we never really walk away from ourselves.


  1. beautiful film. thank you for all these gems!!

  2. Yes, it's a very beautiful film. Glad you liked it. Hope you will enjoy the next ones.