Director: Johan van der Keuken
Year: 1994
Time: 15 mins
Willem Breuker - Composer, Bass Clarinet
Peter Barkema - Soprano Sax
Alex Coke - Flute, Piccolo
Nico Nijholt - Trombone
Bernard Hunnekink - Tuba
Henk de Jonge - Piano
Arjen Gorter - Bass
Rob Verdurmen - Drums
Han Bennink - Drums
Lorre Lynn Trytten - Violin
Aimee Versloot - Viola
Susanne Degerfors - Cello
Eye of Sound: Shot in several European locations, this short film is defined by the director as a "self-portrait in locomotion". It is difficult to discern a plot or a general meaning in this collection of images, except for the admittedly vague possibility of a repertoire of what keeps humans going, and an insistence on motion. Breuker has been Keuken's companion in most of his films, endowing them with his brand combination of meticulous orchestral composition and open-space improv. On Animal Locomotion features Keuken's typical free-form sensibility and quasi-ethnographic approach to the documentary genre, much in the same way that Breuker's score literally runs across fields of unsurpassable lyricism and irreparable fracturation.

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